Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Aerial hoop and silks: Astra Beck at Skylab Studio

Astra Beck  teaches aerial hoop and silks at Skylab Studio in Camden. Girls with implausible amounts of core strength are practising on hoops and loops of silk suspended from the ceiling in a sort of fairy-circus dream.

I spread the Financial Times over my little territory to protect the pristine mirrored studio from any ink spills.

Astra stands still as a tree-trunk thinking deeply before launching into a long routine.

Out in the street you start to see hoops everywhere.   


  1. Great drawings Isobel. Have you done any of the Naked Rambler Stephen Gough? See website for other artists' work here:

  2. No, because I draw only from life as a rule, but have mentioned him here:

  3. Lovely work! I really love the movement and contrast that you have captured. You may be interested in checking out some of my work, as I have just started focusing on artwork inspired by aerialists