Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Violet Crab at DRAF, Part 3

I forget to put the memory card into my camera so these snaps are taken in low light with the steampunk BlackBerry.

I'm drawing the progress of The Violet Crab, a cabaret-themed exhibition at the David Roberts Art Foundation in Camden directed by Than Hussein Clark.

Multi-tasking is on the cabaret agenda here but I draw the line at playing the piano, even though it's an easy Minkus transcription with some mildly amusing wrong notes printed in the first online version I find. I can't take the stress, I say. I'm stressing about whether the lines of my thermal underwear will be visible under my cabaret dress. I'm aiming to look like the mysterious essence of the Venetian lagoon, not something corrugated.

The poet CAConrad reading on the main stage

The bag I'm into

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