Friday, 22 June 2012

A glance back at the Occupy London camps

A wraith from Occupy removes the ice-pick from its skull just long enough to rebuke the others for not rebuking me. My crime is to write about what I see, rather than what I am told I am seeing.

'Tell her that Occupy is a horizontal movement,' whispers the wraith. (Horizontal in this context means leaderless, with nobody aspiring to have power over others inside the organisation.)

Occupy is a horizontal movement. As am I.

While I was visiting the Occupy camps, I recorded what I saw but I left some things out because people worried about their mothers:
'You won't draw the cigarette, will you.'
'You're not going to write that you can smell dope, are you.'

At the Finsbury Square camp, Ella (see previous post) made a drawing on a scrap of newspaper for me.
Ella's drawing

Rupert drawn by me
After I drew Rupert at the St Paul's camp in December, he drew me. The fag was his idea. It tasted horrible. Despite the smoke in his drawing, it was unlit. 

But the tears of blood for Occupy are accurate.

Me drawn by Rupert
And Amy (8) drew me in the crypt of St Paul's. She called her drawing 'The Happy Artist.'


  1. Fat Controller22 June 2012 at 22:57

    Lying on railway lines, like that is a bit dangerous.

  2. Beautiful. You make real - deeper xxx

  3. Occupy London!