Sunday, 1 April 2012

Your desperate internet search terms

How do people land on this blog about drawing? To find out, I go to ‘Traffic sources’ and look under ‘Search keywords’.

And an oracle speaks. Obscurely:

Wicked voyeur Izzy, Izzy pissing sex, pissing opaques, pissing in the bag, drawing pissing, military pissing.

Random acts of portrait drawing. Sad moment charcoal. Deranged drawings. Drawing of hell.

Mary Poppins sketch. Rasta fall out of window. Mickey Mouse rip off his face.

How to draw a camel. How to draw Adele. How to draw Mr Bean naked. Are there any white Jamaican constables.

Your blogger

Posh back of the neck tattoos.
Elderly couple holding hands. Man faces eternal troubles struggle.

Tina Van Slot. Cleavage cigarette. Adam’s apple in girls. Life in school uniform and bondage.

Emotionless wine bucket. My sternum pops when I stretch.

Army signalman. Edge of a wood constable. Foundling
[sic] tits on bus tube.

How to stop a gazebo from blowing over. Can a guy break your hymen with his finger.

None of these search terms has appeared on this blog.

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