Monday, 2 January 2017

Satanic yoga

Yoga in Black, described unofficially if not on the website as satanic, recoils from modish body fascism. It is uncompetitive in kind lighting with a soundtrack - not too loud - described as dark ambient, doom metal, drone and Gothic rock.

The theme is acceptance. For those who know their chakras it's a variation of Dru yoga. There's plenty of movement and it looks achievable, unlike the contortionist stuff of the fanatics.

I barely notice the soft-sell paganism. My satanic experience doesn't happen until afterwards: a flat tyre in the cold, dark and rain. I wait for the AA. It's new year's day. Hours pass.

Just as I am thoughtfully examining the gel-filled pee bags kept in the glove box, someone emerges from the nearest house with several bags of  rubbish and recycling. 

I ask to use the lavatory. And when the repair man turns up, I take up the sainted Lucia's offer of refuge with her family for the hour it takes him to fix the tyre. Her bossy Dachsund called Colin teaches me a ball game. This is the closest I get to a family Christmas.

More pictures if you scroll down.

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