Monday, 1 June 2015

Exhibition at VI, VII in Oslo

He said, 'Mankind have a strong attachment to the habitations to which they have been accustomed. You see the inhabitants of Norway do not with one consent quit it, and go to  some part of America, where there is a mild climate, and where they may have the same produce from land, with the tenth part of the labour. No, Sir; their affection for their old dwellings, and the terrour of a general change, keep them at home. Thus, we see many of the finest spots in the world thinly inhabited, and many rugged spots well inhabited.' 

I'm travelling with Dr Johnson, tempered by the emollient Boswell.

Nowadays, Americans go to Norway. Esperanza Rosales forsook Brooklyn for Oslo where she set up an art gallery. It's called VI, VII and pronounced 'sixes and sevens' in a sort of reverse Featherstonehaugh.

Another import, Richard Bowers, is a Sinatra-style crooner from Taunton, now settled in Oslo where his Greek girlfriend runs a restaurant.

It's egalitarian here. 'They don't say "please",' Richard confides. 'They don't need to. Vær så snill. I learned it but I never use it.'

'Publick practice of any art, (he observed,) and staring in men's faces, is very indelicate in a female.'

But I've got permission to draw in the Supreme Court of Norway so off I go - see here.

Much enquiry having been made concerning a gentleman, who had quitted a company where Johnson was, and no information being obtained; at last Johnson observed, that "he did not care to speak ill of any man behind his back, but he believed the gentleman was an attorney."

Oh for God's sake.

The exhibition Back to Life shows my drawings of the progress of The Violet Crab, a cabaret-themed exhibition by Than Hussein Clark at the David Roberts Art Foundation in London which I've blogged about here (there's more than one post so please scroll down).

The Oslo gallery VI, VII is at Tordenskiolds gate 12; please check opening times online; closes 17 July.

The dancer in the pictures is Ayumi LaNoire.

More pictures if you scroll down.

My drawing of photographer Josh Redman - not his photos

Oslo shop window

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